Our beginnings have been located in the Minute Book of the St Austell Male Voice Choir (1935-1960).

March 19th 1948

The Matter of a Competitive Music Festival was raised. There was divided opinion on the matter especially when approximate figures concerning finance were mentioned. It was thought by some members that if the Male Voice Choir staged such a festival there would not be the full support of other music societies in the town as was desirable in such a venture. A motion “that we should call a meeting of musical societies and choirs in St Austell for the purpose of running a Competition Music Festival” by Mr Wood was carried. The date fixed provisionally for the meeting was April 22nd at 7.30pm.

April 23rd 1948

Twenty four were present and our President, Mr H Thomas, presided. It was eventually decided to form the St Austell Music Festival Association and a small committee was formed to explore the possibilities of promoting a Musical Festival at an early date, autumn or early winter.

First Festival

December 2nd, 3rd and 4th 1948 in the Public Rooms, St Austell.

Adjudicator: Herbert Howells Esq DMus FRCO