Registered Charity No. 1039252 Established 1948 Venue: St John's Methodist Church, St Austell COPYRIGHT ST AUSTELL FESTIVAL OF MUSIC & SPEECH 2008-2020


Affiliated to The British and International Federation of Festivals for Music, Dance and Speech

An annual competitive Festival to encourage the study, performance and appreciation of music and speech by affording amateur competitors the opportunity of having their performances assessed by highly qualified Adjudicators, and above all, to enjoy performing.

Spoken Word and Music Celebration Days 2021
Saturday 27th November and Saturday 4th December 2021
 at St John’s Methodist Church

You will remember that towards the end of last term we decided to postpone our annual festival until 2022 in the light of ongoing uncertainties about the pandemic and the other pressures on schools in the coming months.

However, we are aware that many young people and their teachers are very keen that there be some sort of opportunity to perform live again soon; it is vital experience that they have been deprived of for so long.  Bearing this in mind, we have decided to organise two Saturdays later in the year at our normal festival time to offer this opportunity. Spoken Word Celebration Day will be on Saturday 27th November and Music Celebration Day on Saturday 4th December at St John’s Methodist Church in St Austell, our usual festival venue. 

The pandemic is not yet over, so we aim to make these days more informal and intimate than our normal festival events. We are confining opportunities to solo and duo classes, which will be non-competitive, but local speech and music experts will be present to encourage and give advice. There will be Participation Certificates for all those who perform. These events will be free and family, friends and teachers of performers will also be welcome to come and listen at no charge. However, we do not intend to advertise these days for the general public to prevent the venue becoming too crowded.

Details of the celebration days and application forms for them can be found on this website and have also been sent to schools.

We look forward to welcoming all the local community back to our usual annual festival in November and December 2022. Rest assured, the St Austell Festival of Music and Speech is still very much alive and will fully return with a new lease of life next year!

Anne Keast (General Secretary